Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Look at me, I'm the king of New York!

This is Osborn; 12 year old star of the New York Aquarium's Sea Lion Spectacular!
Osborn is obviously in top physical shape, as his job is to perform a variety of high-energy stunts in front of a crowd of children and adults alike.
However, it is not just his muscle that sets Osborn one step above the rest, but also his incredible mental stamina.  Aquarium staff make sure he is well fed and in good health, while his trainers make sure that he stays occupied through use of enrichment. This helps maintain his mental coordination and increase his capacity to learn new behaviors.
At this rate, Osborn will be around to fascinate and entertain many more crowds of people within his lifetime, all thanks to the NY Aquariums spectacular enrichment specialists!  
Photo taken by: Theresa Farrell

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